Friday, February 12, 2010

The Chicago Trip

Our Chicago Trip... Of course for surgery you silly people... Does one ACTUALLY go to Chicago for some other reason other than surgery or 8 hour long waits to see a neurosurgeon?

~2/8 Ronald McDonald House
My sweet Lindsay telling Hannah (age 6.5) a bedtime story because she does it EVERY NIGHT!

Pouting because I am pissed that my mother is making me go to sleep on this GOD AWFUL sleep number bed. Seriously.... sleep number beds are like torture devices straight from the pits of hell!

~2/9 12:15am THE 1 year anniversary. This could have been a really horrible day. Thanks God it was not.

~2/10 Getting Ready to head to Comer.

The braids to keep the hair away from Dr. Frim's Clippers

The amount of hair deemed acceptable by LINDSAY that could be removed for surgery.

Still my Sweet girl

The shunt that they removed from her head. From LEFT to Right: The anti-siphoning valve (the white part) and the C0dm@n Hikam Programmable Valve (clear parts)

The damage done to her hair.


  1. Wow, just wow! You tell a beautiful story with your pictures.

  2. I hope she recovers quickly and is back to that beautiful smile!!!! What an amazing trouper she seems to be.

  3. Thank you both for the compliments. She is doing well and is on the mend. Even danced today at dance class!!! :)

  4. Whenever I see pictures of Lindsay or Gabe before or after their surgery, I just want to cry. The poor kids!I feel so bad for them! I hope that Lindsay recovers quickly!