Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lindsay's first real Valentine. Sent to her by Hunter.

Seriously...How damn sweet!

He is such a love!

Our first night home (before we left again)

Beads of Courage...

In her bed after our 3 trips to the hospital this month...
I still have a magic bra... Warming up the antibiotic I forgot to take out of the fridge...

Ahhhh! My Friend that I missed for the past 3 weeks...
Why I need my friend...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Words for the Day


And the amount of damage that they do while the mommy is on a run to the playroom for art supplies.

Lovely Lindsay and her LOVELY new infection. It would be STAPH! Plus her lovely new drug sensitivity to.....

And the fact that we are on Vancomycin EVERY 6 hours. They run it SLOWLY over 2 hours...Itching occurs for 2 hours after administration and then we have 2 hours before we do it again. And when I mean itching I mean CRAZY BURNING ITCHING. Burning from the depths of your body. They are giving mega dosages of IV benadryl and morphine....

Off it itch the girl... Only another hour until we do it again.

Love love!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hidden Letters...

Not exactly what Angie meant...however I cannot help but be a bit in a sarcastic mood tonight so...excuse the pics they are taken by my blackberry.

The Lovely Monitor that is hooked up to my Lovely Daughter.

My Lovely Daughter that has this Lovely Allergy.

My Lovely Daughter who is now back in the room that we were in 1 week ago today. Due to a Lovely NEW allergic reaction to skin adhesives (dermabond) and a potential Lovely shunt infection.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Darren and I went on our first date on Valentine's Day. When we met up for dinner he brought me 1 red rose. He has done this EVERY year on Valentine's Day. Honestly this is probably the most romantic he gets every year.

The BEST Valentine ever... From my Sweet Lindsay-b

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Chicago Trip

Our Chicago Trip... Of course for surgery you silly people... Does one ACTUALLY go to Chicago for some other reason other than surgery or 8 hour long waits to see a neurosurgeon?

~2/8 Ronald McDonald House
My sweet Lindsay telling Hannah (age 6.5) a bedtime story because she does it EVERY NIGHT!

Pouting because I am pissed that my mother is making me go to sleep on this GOD AWFUL sleep number bed. Seriously.... sleep number beds are like torture devices straight from the pits of hell!

~2/9 12:15am THE 1 year anniversary. This could have been a really horrible day. Thanks God it was not.

~2/10 Getting Ready to head to Comer.

The braids to keep the hair away from Dr. Frim's Clippers

The amount of hair deemed acceptable by LINDSAY that could be removed for surgery.

Still my Sweet girl

The shunt that they removed from her head. From LEFT to Right: The anti-siphoning valve (the white part) and the C0dm@n Hikam Programmable Valve (clear parts)

The damage done to her hair.

Special Treasures...

A gift from Darren on our wedding day. It held 1 red rose.

My Classic Pooh Honey Pot that my Aunt Paula sent me. I Classic Pooh.

A Precious Moments that my Gramma and Aunt Zorrinea bought me for the birth of the twins. It is "Be Fruitful and Multiply".

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am sorry that I have not posted. We have had a busy week. Stomach Flu then I lost my camera battery charger... Today is a new day and I will upload pics tomorrow. However I thought I would share a few pics from Disney on Ice.

We were very fortunate to be given 6 comp tickets through the RMH in Chicago. I figured that we would be in the nose-bleed section. Boy was I wrong. We were in the FRONT ROW!!! Right at the corner where the characters would come and "hang out". It was spectacular!!!

Gabe (8) and Gramma (too old to post) :)

Hannah (6.5 sort of resembles Goofy), Lindsay (8) & Fayeth (4.75)



Sorcerer Mickey!


Princess Minnie


Just a little bit of Eye Candy...

The Ladies from China


Ariel and Eric


Of Course we cannot forget that we celebrated the Twins Birthday Friday night also...

Cake my Aunt Becca. She made the Pointe Shoes out of gum paste...

Gabe's Mario Cake

I know....I want to vomit too. She is just to creative!!!