Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A beautiful May Day

The Fab Four...

Jump Buddy! Jump!

Her version of climbing a tree....

Such a sweet little girl!

My handsome boy... A funny Gabe story.... The other day he was telling us that he likes to pretend that he is a bandit (too many country movies with Grampa), however I teasingly said... "Oh it is all great until they catch you and put you in prision." I muttered ever so softly, "...and you become someone's bitch..." Gabe replies back to me, "Oh, Don't worry Mommy. When I grow up I am going to be my wife's 'B-Word'!" So I am taking applications for some lucky girl to be my son's wife. I am training him well!

Ah...Sweet Lindsay

What little Loves!

So Happy
Such a darling

A picture of An Angel...

Truly a Sweet Angel....How could a face like this be other than ...

...A little SHIT!!! Yes, my sweet angel is putting her leg on her sister's head.

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