Monday, April 19, 2010

I now know that I am a sick and demented person. This picture makes me giggle every time I see it. It is NOT Lindsay's right eye that is messed up. It is her LEFT eye. She is actually looking to the LEFT in this picture. (Her left) Seriously I want to blacken out a tooth or 2 and call her Billy Bob. We love the 6th cranial nerve palsy.
Our neurosurgeon is brilliant and amazingly intelligent, however he cannot figure out HOW to do surgery without matting a child's hair. 1 hour in the shower and 2 bottles of conditioner later and this is what we removed....
with a pair of Scissors. Below is the picture of the carnage that we refer to as Lindsay's hair. My sweet little girl is a trooper and has agreed to a chin length bob. For those of you who know Lindsay this is about the same as asking her to sever her leg off her body. She needs to have enough hair for a bun for dance. This is about the only way that we can get her hair to grow out nicely. Nutcracker will be interesting..But I will be pumping her full of vitamins to get her hair to grow so that I do not have to listen to her complain about her lack of a bun. :)

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